A Palmchat Islands Mystery Book 3

An exciting mystery that you won’t be able to put down.

During a girls’ night out, a beautiful island girl is stalked by an aggressive pursuer. After escapingthe unwanted attention, she takes a nasty fall and ends up in the hospital. But, she doesn’t make it out alive.

The hospital claims it was an accidental morphine overdose. Journalist Vivian Thomas-Bronsonthinks it might be cold-blooded murder.

As Vivian and Leo dig deeper, they discover that the island beauty had a shady past. She’d been receiving mysterious threatening phone calls and keeping dangerous secrets. 

As Vivian and Leo search for the truth, they come across several suspects. But, Vivian has to be careful. She could be the next victim if she gets in the way of the killer’s vengeance.


It was fast paced, twists and turns at every corner, shady doctors and nurses, murder investigations, hotel scams, husband and wife investigators, major cover ups, reporters trying to get the real story, fake autopsies, a Ginger boyfriend, and an ending you never saw coming.

Readers who love a little romance with their mystery or a bit of mystery with their romance will not be disappointed with this steamy tale.

There were a few unexpected twists, which will definitely keep the reader guessing til the end. You really have to pay attention to even the smallest seemingly insignificant details.

From the electrifying reader's hook (where i found myself sympathizing with both killer and victim), suspense is unstoppable and the more the revelations, the more there is to discover, making for a fast-paced story.

I definitely liked the book, and it is the perfect length. Her characters are engaging, easy to get to know, and mostly people I'd like to be friends with.

I love Vivian and Leo and how good they work together as investigative reporters and married partners! I highly recommend this book, series and author!


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