In rural Malawi, a foreign aid worker is savagely killed by a mob of villagers. Investigating the grisly death, international investigative journalists Vivian Thomas and Leo Bronson uncover a heinous plot involving rumors, rage and centuries-old superstition. 

If you love contemporary whodunits, with twists and shocking endings, then you love I Will See You Dead.


Reporter Roland Bean has a huge bash to celebrate turning the Big 3-0 with his fraternal twin sister, Robyn. After the party, Beanie nearly hits a man staggering in the road. The man has been shot. With his dying breath, he identifies his killer … Beanie’s sister Robyn!

If you love quirky characters, interesting clues and lots of red herrings, then you love Happy Birthday Murder.


Why did a Thanksgiving host drop dead?

Reporter Roland “Beanie” Bean is shocked when the host of a Thanksgiving party drops dead after giving a toast! Beanie must wade through the host’s long list of enemies to determine which was responsible for his death, before becoming the killer’s next target.

With lots of clues and red herrings, it features plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end! 


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