A Palmchat Islands Mystery Book 2

A mind-blowing mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat until the shocking ending.

On a gorgeous morning in paradise, tourists find a dead body on the pristine white beach of St. Killian, an island in the Caribbean.

The victim was killed in a ritualistic murder. The dead man was castrated and branded. Burned into his skin is a strange word—“eros.”

Investigative journalist Vivian Thomas-Bronson heads to the scene of the crime. She’s got to cover the story alone. Her husband, Leo Bronson, has to do a mysterious favor for his father.

Leo is less than thrilled when he’s asked to find the missing son of a billionaire. There’s only one clue to go on—something known as “eros.”

Could the missing scion be connected to the dead man on the beach? And what is the mystery behind “eros”?

Their investigation uncovers an ultra-secret cult whose members perform bizarre rituals.

When Leo goes undercover to get more information, he finds himself face to face with a demented killer. Can he escape with the truth? Or, will he fall prey to a psychotic villain who believes that murder is a sacrifice worth making?


This is a easy to read novel that catches your interest from the beginning. A very thrilling adventure.

Lots of suspense, some thrilling investigative twists and turns, and this reader was on the edge of her seat flipping pages as quickly as they were read.

The story was extremely well written and flowed. The characters were awesome and I honestly can’t wait for the next book in the Palmchat Islands Mystery series.

Murder mystery is probably my favorite genre, so I'm hard to impress, but "The Prodigal Captive" knocked it out of the park! This tome perfectly blended suspense with action with dialogue, and the characters are drawn well, too.

Rachel Woods' modern crime-thriller has the making of a real winner as it has secret cults, murder, kidnap, secret bizarre rituals and much much more.

This was a really good story with romance, adventure, danger, mystery. Everything a good book needs. I’m looking forward to reading the next book!


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