Spencer & Sione Series Book 1

She thought she killed him ...

She should have made sure he was dead

Spencer Edwards finally has her life back on track.

Once desperate and destitute, she’d resorted to drugging older, wealthy men and stealing their valuables. But those horrible choices and the terrible things she did are in the past. She now has steady employment and hope for a bright future. With her mistakes behind her, she’s ready to move on with her life.

Only one thing can stop her.

Ben Chang.

The handsome businessman had once been her lover but that changed the night he tried to kill her.

The night she left him for dead.

Spencer thought she’d killed him.

But Ben is back, alive and well … and out for revenge.

Spencer took something from him, and he wants it back.

Or he’ll make her pay for her deadly mistake.


Well written book. Great plot and fantastic characters. A wonderful read.

I really enjoyed this book and it kept me engrossed till the very end. I loved the chemistry of the characters and the way they interacted with each other. This is an intriguing, emotional, romantic must read book and I recommend it to anyone.

The thing I thought was the best in Woods' writing is how she wrote every single chapter with a surprising cliffhanger at the end.

I read 'Flawless Mistake' and then 'Flawless Danger'. I was not able to put them down!! They are full of suspense, romance, danger and lots of twists and turns. Very interesting and intriguing!

The adventure begins and holds you captive all the way through!

The author does a great job of developing the story line and keeping you guessing at what may happen next.


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