Murder in Paradise Book 3

Vivian Thomas is devastated.

A reunion with her best friend, Amal, turned into a horrible tragedy when Amal was killed, run over by a car, and left for dead on a lonely road in the Caribbean.

Vivian is convinced that the vicious hit-and-run was no accident. 

But the police don’t believe her and the only person who can help her is Leo Bronson—the man who broke her heart.

Soon, Vivian discovers that Amal didn’t travel to the islands for rest and relaxation. Amal was out for blood. Someone she trusted betrayed her and she was determined to get revenge.

Amal was willing to kill to get back at her betrayer. 

But did Amal’s thirst for vengeance cause her death?

As she and Leo unravel the truth, Vivian is caught in the crosshairs of a desperate killer. Can Leo save her before it’s too late?


Loved it. It had suspense, great story, and a good and realistic relationship between the main couple!

The twists and turns were really great and it was good to see a female lead stand up for her desires even if it hurt.

A pulse pounding thriller, this is an amazing romance tinged with danger.

I loved this story with great characters, romance and so much intrigue I couldn't put it down.

This is an intriguing, keep you on your toes, must read book and I would recommend it to anyone.

A really good murder mystery story which grabs your attention and keeps it to the very end.


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