A Sassy Sarcastic Cat Cozy Mystery
Book 3

A celebrity target. A criminal pack.

The only way to catch these perps is to go off leash ...

St. Mateo, the Palmchat Islands.

Sophie Carter is still desperate to prove herself.

Despite her track record of sniffing out killers, the aspiring reporter fears she has a high hill to climb before she hits it big.

So she quickly collars the chance at a once-in-a-lifetime scoop when a famous actress’s assistant is found murdered.

Relying on a helping paw from her talkative feline sidekick, Sophie uncovers a dog-napping conspiracy with an astonishing tie to British royalty.

But the duo’s suspicions bristle when their prime suspect points them to the dead woman’s diary and a freshly dug pile of shady secrets.

When fate throws Sophie a bone, can she bring the culprit to heel before she writes her own obituary?


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