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Rachel Woods has been entertaining readers with her
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Spencer Edwards—the beautiful thief who made a FLAWLESS MISTAKE when she betrayed the wrong man—is back in a new sexy, dangerous story of revenge, deception and romance!


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The Flawless Danger cover, as revealed to the character ... Ben Chang It would be so easy to kill this deceitful bitch, thought Ben Chang as he stared at Spencer Edwards, lying next to him in the king-sized bed. Deep asleep following their lovemaking hours ago, she looked beautiful and ...
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Inspiration from Unexpected Places

Last year, my favorite sister got a hankering to pull up stakes and move to a new place. We spent several weeks scouting townhouses, looking for the perfect place for her to put down new roots. One of the townhouses we went to was called Vistas De Sevilla located in the ...
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Reflecting pool of regret

Spencer Edwards Meets Ben Chang Once upon a time, I used to work in downtown Houston, a hustling, bustling mega-metropolis of glass-and-chrome skyscrapers soaring high into the sky, home to the corporate headquarters of oil and gas and energy powerhouses—Exxon, Chevron, Halliburton, etc., etc. As a cog, raging against the ...
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Do the Funky Chicken Scratch!

The pen is mightier than the sword. Which means, for the most part, per my understanding anyway, that you can do more damage with your words than with a razor-sharp steel blade. Honestly, I think that's highly debatable, because you can do some serious, permanent damage with cutlery  (even a ...
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