The Flawless Danger cover, as revealed to the character … Ben Chang

It would be so easy to kill this deceitful bitch, thought Ben Chang as he stared at Spencer Edwards, lying next to him in the king-sized bed. Deep asleep following their lovemaking hours ago, she looked beautiful and serene, with no idea of the murderous lust brewing within him, causing his heart to slam violently in his chest.

Too easy to kill her, he mused, unable to stop himself from touching her, tracing a finger lightly along her cheek and jaw and then beneath her chin and down her throat.

He paused, gazing at her neck, imagining himself trailing a knife along her skin before the tip of the blade pierced her flesh, sinking deep into her with the same careful, yet chaotic intensity of a sexual invasion, the same way he entered her, penetrating her to the core. The same knife she’d used to gut him would be used to send her to the pit of hell, where wicked bitches like her belonged.

He felt himself growing hard, thinking of the blood that would stream down between her breasts, so much blood that it might flow down over her stomach and past her navel—

Abruptly, before the thoughts became too macabre, he slipped out of bed and headed into the bathroom, thinking a quick cold shower would clear his mind and refocus his thoughts. Opening the double doors, he walked into the bathroom, a showplace of ebony, onyx and platinum, and stopped abruptly, confused, his pulse racing.

What the hell, he thought, staring at the woman who sat on the edge of the large, claw foot tub, staring back at him, her gaze pensive and shrewd behind the glasses she wore.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” Ben demanded.

“I’m Rachel Woods,” the lady in the glasses said. “I wrote Flawless Mistake.”

“I know who you are,” he said. “What I don’t know is why you’re here?”


“Let me guess,” he interrupted and then gave the author an apologetic look. “Sorry, didn’t mean to cut you off.”

“No problem,” the author said. “You get that tendency from me, actually. I’m always making my characters interrupt each other to stop them from revealing something about the plot that I don’t want the reader to know just yet.”

“Speaking of the plot, are you here to change it—again?”
Sheepish, the author said, “Sometimes plots have to be revised, remixed, re-imagined and reinvented to make the story better and for the sake of doing right by the characters. Remember how I wrote you several drafts ago?”

Ben shuddered. “The psychotic, disorganized villain just wasn’t me.”


“So, can I presume you finally finished Flawless Danger?”

“You say finally like I took a long time.”

Ben smirked. “You took long enough.”

“Anyway, the author rolled her eyes. I’m here to—”

“Tell me the ending of Flawless Danger?” Ben guessed. “Do I die at the end? Do I get the girl?”

“Do you want the girl?”

“Well …” Ben rubbed his chin.

“Actually, I am here to give you a sneak peek at the cover of Flawless Danger!”

“Oh.” Ben deadpanned. “You know, I would rather you explain to me why I haven’t gotten a point of view in this series. Don’t you think the readers want to know my internal musings?”

“Well …” The author rubbed her chin.

“Never mind.” Ben sighed. “Show me the cover.”

“Hope you like it,” said Rachel Woods.

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