Last year, my favorite sister got a hankering to pull up stakes and move to a new place. We spent several weeks scouting townhouses, looking for the perfect place for her to put down new roots.

One of the townhouses we went to was called Vistas De Sevilla located in the Rice Military neighborhood of Houston.

As my sister talked to the sale associate, I roamed around the place and soon found myself on the second level. Standing at the top of the stairs, I looked down at each descending step leading to the tiled foyer and the door with its Mediterranean influences.

I couldn’t help thinking of someone taking a tumble down those stairs. Maybe accidentally. Perhaps on purpose, from a good push. 

Chapter three of Flawless Mistake contains a very pivotal scene, a sort of point of no return for the main character. In that scene, I knew I would need a nice set of stairs. When I wrote the scene—an excerpt of which is below—I imagined the stairway in that beautiful townhouse that my sister ended up not buying!