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Mistakes. We all make them.
Bad decisions. We definitely regret them.
And certainly, we can spend hours rehashing and rehearsing things we’d like to forget and things we wish we hadn’t done.

Flawless Mistake is all about bad decisions, mistakes and regret, which makes it an excellent choice for book clubs and reading groups!

Flawless Mistake allows readers to express varied opinions about characters who have questionable motives and often make the choices that lead to devastation and destruction.

Below are several questions that can be used to provoke lively debate during your reading group or book club meeting.

1. Spencer Edwards decides to “date” following a devastating financial crisis, one which she feels she can’t recover from.  What does her decision say about her? What are some instances in which her decision would be acceptable?

2. Spencer Edwards’ decision to “ date ” Ben Chang is in some part fueled by her aversion to becoming what she terms “that wife “.  How do irrational fears justify actions?  How do irrational fears influence decisions?

3. When is it okay to give yourself an excuse to make a bad decision?

4. Why do bad decisions lead to more bad decisions?  How can a bad decision not lead to another bad decision?

5. Sione Tuiali’i worries that he uses sex as a distraction.  What are the potential benefits of using sex as a distraction?