Des•a•rae Be•dard

[Dih-zahy-ray Bih-dahrd]

1. Abrasive and apathetic and prone to self-preservation

2. Guarded, but has a good heart, when necessary

3. Insecure and defensive, but the walls she builds are made of sand, not stone

4. Belligerent with benefits

5. Tough and tenacious, but protective of those she cares about 
Avaricious, sexy “female hustler” (diva) does what she has to, in order to thrive, by any means necessary but not always necessarily to the detriment of others.

Character created in 2014; first appeared in the novella, “Flawless Mistake”; loosely based upon a character of the same name, created in 2002 who first appeared in the unpublished, unfinished novel, “The Borzaya”
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Flawless Mistake — secondary main character, static, round