Countdown to Official Publication

Well, it’s five days until I become a published author. In light of this auspicious occasion, I thought it might be necessary to think about what this means to me …

I feel as though I should come up with something heartfelt and profound to share, but I really just feel very curious about everything. 

Naturally, I am an observer and I was educated to be a journalist, so I can’t help but view the situation from a journalistic perspective.

That being said, I am happy and excited, but in my own way, which is not the way most people express excitement, such as with tears of joy or shouts of jubilation. I’m pretty reserved and laid back, not prone to show to much emotion.

But, who knows? I may dance the jig or go and lay down in the middle of the street.

I doubt it, though. However, I would like a cupcake. Or, maybe some macaroons from Sweet, a very tres bien cupcakery. In terms of my hormone levels, the serotonin and dopamine seem properly balanced. I don’t feel very nervous. Again, just curious.

What will happen when the novella is released on 9/15?

Well, we shall see.

In the meantime, I’m feverishly dealing with rewriting and revising and remixing the novel, Flawless Danger, coming soon.

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