Catching up with Rachel

Catching up with Rachel isn’t easy as she diligently works on finishing two books to be published by BonzaiMoon Books later this year. However, she was gracious enough to give us a little insight into her motivations, her writing and her own personal style by answering our “Top Five Want To Knows.”

Top Five Want to Know…

1. How would you describe your writing style? 

 It tends to be based on the five senses, varied sentence structure, light on the adjectives and adverbs, avoiding “purple prose” and “cliches”.

2. Where and when do you write? Any rituals?

I usually write in the late afternoon.  In terms of any rituals, before I write, I have to have my environment clean and uncluttered; at times, I have even vacuumed before beginning to write.  If possible, I like to write alone, with no one else in the house.  Finally, I have to take a shower before I begin writing, as well.

3. What is the first book you remember reading?

“Stand Back Said the Elephant, I’m Going To Sneeze”

I believe this is – if not the first – one of the first books I remember; it is about animals in the jungle, and there is an elephant and he is going to sneeze.  All of the other jungle animals are terrified by this prospect because they remember the last time the elephant sneezed and it was a disaster, so they are begging the elephant not to sneeze…

I won’t give the plot away, because it is a good book, but being that it is a children’s book, you are supposed to learn something, and this book is all about using rhyme to build vocabulary.

4. Are there any books you can read again and again?

Gypsy from Nowhere and the Trixie Belden series.

“Gypsy from Nowhere” is a book I love because it’s about overcoming the bad choices of the past, which I believe is something we are all doing, and will continue to do so, in perpetuity.  It is probably considered Middle Grade, and I remember it was one of the books I bought with my allowance, and I am sure I bought it from Target.  Whenever my family and I would go to Target, I would gravitate towards the book section, and I really liked the freedom of choosing my own books…ironically, the book section of any store is what I now gravitate away from, but that is another post entirely…

As for Trixie Belden, this is another series I would buy from Target, and that I “discovered” at Target.  I was never a Nancy Drew fan, mainly because everybody and their grandmother was a Nancy Drew fan, and I have always wanted to be different, and not reading what everybody else is reading, because it makes me feel like I’m part of the “herd” and we all know what happens at the end of that tale (ha!).  Anyhoo, I found Trixie to be quirky and spunky and sassy and not afraid to tell you where to go and what to do when you get there. Nancy always seemed so polite and a little dull and not the chick I’d want to have my back if some ish went down, you know?

I always thought Trixie seemed like a real person, with her chores and her crazy brothers.  She’s very smart and she has a smart mouth, too, and I suppose I like that best about her.  Trixie is all, “up out my face!” and secretly, that is my personality, too…

5. When you are not writing, what are you doing? Any hobbies?

When I am not writing, I am doing my best to relax and clear my mind.  I like to travel.  Also, I like to secretly speculate about my co-workers’ lives (ha!).  I love being a Texan (you should try it if you are ever blessed with the opportunity!) and I love living in Houston; with that in mind, I love to explore Houston, driving all over the city, discovering new areas, especially if they are “sketchy” and places where “most people” would be to fearful to go.

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